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Some exciting news has found its way across the pond, across the European continent and through the spotty Ukrainian internet connections I’ve been using to stay afloat in the internet world.  The most recent issue of Bicycle Times features an article about my year touring and commuting on a Surly Pugsley fatbike, entitled “One Bike For All Seasons”.  Check it out in print at your local press stand, or from one of these digital sources.  The cover art by Kyle Stecker is worth the cover price itself– well done!

I’ve been a fan of Bicycle Times since I first spotted pages full of practical bikes and DIY advice.  Their acceptance of fatbikes into the realm of the practical is much appreciated, and is a strong signal of the changing bicycle times we live in.  In other news, I’ve heard rumors of an aggressive 29×3.0″ Dirt Wizard tire for Surly Krampus and ECR frames.  This tire, first designed in a 26″ model for the re-issued Instigator frame, greatly enhances my interest in the 29+ format, as I’ve grown accustomed to more aggressive tires such as 2.4″ Maxxis Ardent and 2.35″ Schwalbe Hans Dampf.  A Krampus or ECR with such a tire might hit a sweet spot between my Pugsley and the current 29″ set-up on the Raleigh XXIX.

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Ukrainian update: We are enjoying our time on the Crimean Peninsula, in a magical climate between mountains and sea that harbors vineyards, ancient cave cities, Cold War-era bunkers, and a melange of culinary delights from Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, and beyond.  This is a special place, and the riding has been no less than stunning, while a history of hiking in the region means dirt roads and trails are accessible, and navigable.  I hope to share more words and images soon– in the meantime, we’ll be enjoying our last week in Ukraine before flying back to the US on Oct. 1, to Denver, via Moscow and NYC.  Note, the Russian airline Aeroflot operates inexpensive flights from JFK in NYC to Kiev and Simferapol, Ukraine, with no surcharge for packed bicycles.

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So, we’ll be in Denver on Wednesday Oct. 2nd.  We plan several days in the area to rest, write, and repair our bikes and equipment before embarking on two months of late-season riding in the SW.  The approximate plan is to tie up some loose ends– remnants from last summer’s dreams.  Roughly, we hope to begin riding near Grand Junction and Fuita toward Moab via the popular Kokopelli Trail (exploring trails near each end of the route), then south through the Canyonlands region of Utah, to connect with the Arizona Trail.  Eventually, we still plan to spend the winter in Alaska.  There are fatbikes in our future, once again.  

Anyone in the Denver/Fort Collins/Boulder area want to meet for a ride or a beer?  Anyone know of a good way to get nearer to Grand Junction from Denver?  We might ride part of the way if skies are clear, although our sights are set on riding into Utah sooner than later, as changing seasons prescribe.  Anyone want to ride the first leg towards Moab, sometime in the first week or two of October?  Keep in touch.

14 thoughts on “Our Bicycle Times, updates

  1. I really do admire your way of life and have thoroughly enjoyed following your travels across europe – the fact that you can enjoy life with such minimal equipment is wonderful – how you manage to do this and at the same time post such interesting details and photos of your travels is amazing – with my very best wishes to you and kindest regards – Ian Oliver

    • Tour de Ditch– I’ll be fully prepared with proper tubeless equipment next time I join that ride. Should consider ride sponsorship from Stan’s, considering the quantity of goatheads within range of the ditches that time of year.

  2. If you guys happen to end up in the Fort Collins area, I’d love to have a beer or two with you! We have a great shop called Crankenstein that serves up great local beer, fantastic coffee and good vibes in a bike-centric atmosphere. It’d be cool to chat since we last met outside of Sante Fe last October! Cheers!

    • Chris, I’ve been to Crankenstein– I love the 650b randonneur at the end of the bar– and we will almost certainly be in FC for a minute, as I’ve got a growing network of friends there. I’ll let you know what our plans are after we land inn Denver.

  3. I expect to be in Denver on either Saturday or Sunday of that weekend. If you might like a ride across the passes (and all the way to Junction/Fruita, if needed), I think I could probably offer you some hospitality.

    • Willet, I’d like to ride to GJ if possible, but by the time we take care of business in the cities, we might be hoping to be further west, and south already. If possible, we might ride Rollins Pass to Winter Park, then FS roads towards Ute Pass to Silverthorne. Several options from there, if weather allows.

      Might be convenient to skip over the hills real quick if the weather becomes…seasonable, for early-mid October. How far west will you be going (on !-70, I presume)?

      • For that weekend, I’m just going to be heading out of town for a little R&R, with no particular plans. I’m off Sunday for sure, and 90% sure about Saturday as well. As you make your plans, just let me know if you might need a ride from Point A to Point B to speed things up. I can be reached on yahoo as willetm.

  4. I live in Denver and would love to meet to ride and, or drink beverages. It sounds like it won’t be difficult to catch a ride to Grand Junction but if you want to try something a little different, Amtrak will take you there and provide a scenic trip through the mountains. Thanks for all the inspiration.

    • Tom, The train sounds like it could b the best option. However, all trains seem to be sold out, or suspended for the winter, replaced by a bus service that also claims to be sold out. That would be a nice ride by rail, if not by bike.

  5. Hey,
    Nice to hear you guys are coming back for a bit. Funny about you guys going to Grand Junction & fruita.. cuz I just found a MTB book on that area in the half off bin here at TWD… lemme know if you guys need it. Hope to see you guys when your here.!

  6. Hey Nick!

    Let’s definitely get together when you get into town! As it goes, a few of my coworkers and I are headed to Fruita the weekend of Oct 5th. Probably heading that way Fri afternoon. You’re welcome to come along!

    Our plan is to camp @ 18 road. We’re going to ride Mary’s / Horsethief Sat morning, and then just screw around on 18rd the rest of the day. Sunday, we’re headed to GJ to ride lunchloops and then headed back to Boulder soon after. Any of that sound good? Whenever you get back to the states, shoot me a text. 317 224 8756.

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