Bunyan Velo, Issue No. 3

BV Issue03 Release3

By now, half the world has already heard about the third edition of the celebrated bicycle adventure e-magazine, Bunyan Velo, which is now officially in digital print.  The pages are filled with contributions from Jason Boucher, Tom Walwyn, Logan Watts, Kevin Tweed, Aaron Ortiz, Zachary Stephen Miller, and more.  Look for my article entitled “Chasing Red and White”, about scouting walking trails in Europe all summer, including the surprise of discovering memorable bikepacking routes across Belgium.  
Editor Lucas Winzenburg has done it again, and can even be spotted amidst the pages of this issue.  Look for the article entitled “Lost in the Wind”, about his travels in the UK this past summer with friend Aaron Ortiz.  There is an interview with Lucas on the blog Pedaling Nowhere, for more insight into the young editor who stays up nights compiling these stories and images for the world, for free.  Purchase a digital copy of the magazine, or consider a contribution towards Issue No. 4!
BV Issue03 Release1
Bottom photo: Logan Watts

2 thoughts on “Bunyan Velo, Issue No. 3

  1. Hope you both and bikes likewise arrived safe & sound back in the US. Have really enjoyed reading your wanderings over the summer, and of course looking forward to reading more. I am getting the hunch we will soon see you on an ECR with 29+?
    Why not learn frame building to make your own idiosyncratic bicycling style?

    Anyways forgive me if I missed it but did you happen to pass through the Bialowieza Puszcza (1/2 million acre ancient forest) on the border between Poland and Belarus?

    • Missed this somewhere…

      I’d love to learn framebuilding. I’ve been in a few positions where I considered it a priority, although in reality, the actual priority is to get out and ride. I do have some unique ideas about bike, although I am mostly happy to modify and ride existing bikes. The time commitment and cost are both less than frame building would be at this point. If I ever settle anywhere for more than a few months, I’ll probably establish the tools and space for some frame work

      As for an ECR or Krampus, I would be quite happy to spend some time on one. Either one is very close to my current idealized bikepacking rig, sharing from both the Raleigh XXIX and the Pugsley.

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