Standing on a corner in Winslow, AZ– (Attention ABQ!)

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Inches of rain in Arizona are undoubtedly good for a state in perpetual drought, which is the exact nature of a desert as I understand,  For us, aside from cold fingers and toes, this means the possibility of sticky, muddy roads and trails.  We’ve enjoyed the length of the Black Canyon Trail, tasting temperatures below 2000ft in elevation.  It was nice to be back in shorts and t-shirts for a few days, but our focus on the AZT brings us back to Flagstaff, nearing 7,000ft.  A chance of snow, amidst a 100% chance of rain for several days has sent us looking for something else.  The solution is to hitch to Albuquerque for the weekend to visit friends.  We lived in ABQ last winter for six months, and would hate to let another year or two pass before making contact in New Mexico again.  By that time, contacts will be lost, and it all fades in memory.  While traveling, we make an effort to visit as many friends and family as possible.  It is a lot of fun, but it can also be a lot of work.  In total, it is worth it.  These are, after all the effort, lasting friendships.

More on the Black Canyon Trail soon.

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Thanks to Lil for picking us up at the south end of the BCT, and transporting us back north.  What luck, that also included a genuine Mongolian yurt for the night, out of the rain; a hot shower, laundry, and even a hot tub.  After coffee in the morning, and conversation, we peeled ourselves away to make our way east, along the I-40 corridor, which has mostly grown over historic Route 66, but not entirely.

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As such, we’re standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona, a line made famous by the Eagles song “Take it Easy”.  We’d be lucky if a girl in a flatbed Ford would slow down to pick us up.  Until now, it has been a bit grim, standing in passing rainshowers.  Hitchhiking is not our preferred mode of transport– it is far form the freedom of being under our own power– and there is an Amtrak train between Flagstaff and Albuquerque, but hitching often makes sense for our impromptu decisions, and for our budget.  This is our first time hitching an interstate highway corridor.  I’ll take my luck on backroads any day.  The interstate is depressing.

Thanks to the truck full of Navajo construction workers who got us out of Flagstaff.  Those guys understand.

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ABQ!– Burqueños, be ready.  We hope to be in town sometime today (Friday).  I hope to arrange some gatherings over the weekend.  A ride in the Rio Grande Bosque, a Ukrainian feast, a fresh salad at Vinaigrette, or a pint at La Cumbre?  Anyone in ABQ?

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5 thoughts on “Standing on a corner in Winslow, AZ– (Attention ABQ!)

  1. Hey,
    This is Dan from Bikeworks, we met when you first got to abq last year.
    You probably have plenty of friends in ABQ, but in case you need anything, give me a shout.
    Safe travels, good luck!

  2. Are you guys returning to the AZT right away? Funny that our paths are mirrored a little this week, from heading into NM down to hitching on an interstate. I’m in Las Cruces headed N/NE. Thanks for your advice on the Nexus several months ago, it’s been working unbelievably well, very glad I made the switch from laptop.

    • Returning to the AZT this week, Tues or Wed. In LC right now? Coming NNE? Do you expect to be in ABQ at all? Would be cool to meet up. Let me know if you need anything in the area. I know some people with roofs and bike tools and parts…

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