Two Mukluks

NicholasCarman1 898

Two “MukThrees”, as we call them.  Eventually, there may be other names, but for now, they are just two off-the-shelf fatbikes with home-made holy Rolling Darryl rims. some luggage, and Lael’s new carbon bar.

NicholasCarman1 888

NicholasCarman1 886

NicholasCarman1 782

NicholasCarman1 889

NicholasCarman1 891

NicholasCarman1 901

NicholasCarman1 892

NicholasCarman1 900

Lael has written a race report and memoir of her first bike race this past weekend, the Frosty Bottom 50.  The course is set on trails that she has been riding and running and skiing for decades.  Check out her story, “The Frosty Bottom”, on her blog Lael’s Globe of Adventure.

NicholasCarman1 890

8 thoughts on “Two Mukluks

  1. I read Lael’s race report earlier and thought it unlikely that you could’ve passed her on your ECR in such snowy conditions. Congrats on the Mukluk, and welcome back to fatness. I see a hint of red in the last photo of what I assume is your bike, which is a good color to complement Lael’s. Was this your first race, too?

    • Actually, I raced a borrowed Salsa Beargrease. My boss, the longtime owner of The Bicycle Shop, insisted that I take his bike, as I was planning to ride the ECR. For much of the race 29+ wheels would have been fine, except: the singletrack section, the high-speed corners on the wider Tour of Anchorage trail, and the last 5 miles as the Coastal Trail turned to quicksand as temperatures reached freezing. Fatbikes are necessary sometimes.

      So far, I am loving the Mukluk. Yes, was my first bike race ever.

  2. Hey Nick and Lael!

    With a simple wheel build I think you guys have found your year round bikes with the muks. It doesn’t look like you will suffer from such a low bottom bracket either. As with you guys I’m always on the search for simplicity, and someday I would love to merge my 3 bikes into 1 as close to humanly possible do it all bike.

    Keep riding and inspiring!

    Boston, Ma

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