Gomez and the (9zero7) Whiteout

NicholasCarman1 859

At the after-party and awards ceremony of the Frosty Bottom race, I bumped into Gomez, head correspondent at Fat-Bike.com, the premier forum for fatbike information.  Visiting from Wisconsin, Gomez was lucky to find mild weather in Anchorage, while the Midwest and the rest of the country was frozen under an Arctic chill.  His aim, while visiting Anchorage, is to catch a glimpse of the Anchorage winter riding scene and to visit local retailers and manufacturers of winter cycling equipment, including Fatback, 9zero7, and Revelate Designs.

At the party, I suggested a ride.  The next morning, I jumped aboard Lael’s Mukluk to ride the Coastal Trail to meet at the Kincaid Park.  I defogged my memory of some of the older bike trails in the park, and connected a short loop highlighting some of the best-developed winter singletrack in the country.  I’ve said it before, but Anchorage really is the fatbike center of the universe.  These trails are great! 

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Gomez was riding the new 9zero7 Whiteout carbon fatbike frame, equipped with SRAM’s XX1 11-speed drivetrain.  This frame features clearance for 5″ tires on 100mm rims– the largest combination currently available– but would be equally comfortable in a fatbike paceline on a superlight carbon wheelset.  The 9zero7 Whiteout , along with the Borealis Yampa and the upcoming Fatback Corvus, marks a new benchmark in design.  Fast, light, and fat is not easy to achieve, but it is happening.

 NicholasCarman1 902

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We enjoyed a ride as the sun made a low dance across the horizon.  The treetops were drenched in orange sunlight, as the trail under out tires remained crisp from the overnight freeze.  Traction was good, underneath a light glaze.

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NicholasCarman1 907

Gomez preaches the gospel of fatbikes.  It’s all fatbikes, all the time.  

NicholasCarman1 865

NicholasCarman1 854

NicholasCarman1 904

NicholasCarman1 868

I took a quick spin on the new 9zero7 Whiteout frame.  I raced a Salsa Beargrease in the Frosty Bottom this past weekend, for reference.

NicholasCarman1 869

Huge tire clearance are possible due to 190mm rear dropout spacing.  A 1×11 drivetrain and thru-axle hub attachments are becoming standard on top-end fatbikes.

NicholasCarman1 871

NicholasCarman1 872

Surly Bud and Lou tires will fit the frame on 100mm Surly Clownshoe rims, both front and rear.

NicholasCarman1 873

NicholasCarman1 874

Thanks for the ride, Gomez!

NicholasCarman1 908

8 thoughts on “Gomez and the (9zero7) Whiteout

  1. Gorgeous photos, never thought I would see Mild Weather, Anchorage and January in the same sentence but I guess as compares to the frozen folks in the mid-west it makes sense. Keep those great photos coming!

  2. Hi Nick,
    thank You for link in your blog about my travel report. At first, I didn’t understand why I have so many guests from the USA in my blog statistics)))
    But when I tried to translate my text with Google-translator, I was shocked. I didn’t know why, but google-translator did it completely wrong.
    I will ask my friend to translate this text more correctly, and I will send it to You and public it into the blog (I hope, that he’ll do this work less than 100 years.
    When You and Lael flew back to America, I had some problems with my computer and I was afraid, that video from Kemal Egerek would be totally destroyed and lost to all of us.
    But now, everything is ok. Some computer-wizardman can call all files back to us from computer’s hell 🙂
    I want to make the short film about our Kemal-Egerek’s trip and wobbly-wheel).
    When the film is ready, a will write You.
    That’s all. I hope You understand my twisted soviet English.
    Greetings from Crimea to You, Lael and all American bike-packers!
    Best regards, Vital

  3. Excellent write-up as usual, Nick. I am contemplating taking the plunge into carbon. If you had to choose, would you go Whiteout or Corvus? – I am looking forward to using your Nicotine’s on my 29er when the trails are right. Hope you and Leil are safe and enjoying yourselves.

    • Blake, You’ll be happy with either choice, as they are more alike than different. Don’t discount the Salsa Beargrease as well, which will be priced competitively in a complete build. In fact, I think the greatest change anyone can make this winter is to build a set of wheels with carbon rims. I’m riding carbon rims on my 29er and the ability to provide a wide and stable footprint, for less weight is really unique. Apply this concept to fatbikes, and it may be possible to ride a wider rim for less weight, or to simply lose a ton of wheel weight. Most carbon rims will also be genuinely tubeless ready, shedding a few more grams from the system.

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