Ukrainian chickens in Kyiv; August 24, 2013

NicholasCarman1 1773

On the eve of the celebration of 22 years of Ukrainian independence in Kyiv this past summer, a parade of hand-painted chickens, and one giant egg– the traditional Ukrainian Easter egg, the pysanka— pass though the streets.  Representing the many regions of Ukraine, they represent and exemplify the cultural diversity across the nation.  The day after the procession, the painted hens and the egg rest against a backdrop of grey skies; a statue of Bohdan Khmelnytsky, the military hetman of the cossacks; and the gold-domes of the Saint Sofia Cathedral, whose first stones were laid in 1037 under the flourishing Kievan-Rus empire. 

NicholasCarman1 1743

NicholasCarman1 1744

NicholasCarman1 1745

NicholasCarman1 1746

NicholasCarman1 1747

NicholasCarman1 1748

NicholasCarman1 1750

NicholasCarman1 1751

NicholasCarman1 1752

NicholasCarman1 1753

NicholasCarman1 1754

NicholasCarman1 1755

NicholasCarman1 1756

NicholasCarman1 1757

NicholasCarman1 1759

NicholasCarman1 1762

NicholasCarman1 1760

NicholasCarman1 1761

NicholasCarman1 1763

NicholasCarman1 1765

NicholasCarman1 1766

NicholasCarman1 1769

NicholasCarman1 1772

NicholasCarman1 1770

NicholasCarman1 1771

NicholasCarman1 1774

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