SOLD: Salsa Mukluk for sale

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My 2014 Salsa Mukluk 3 is for sale in Anchorage, AK.  The 19″ (L) bike is mostly stock, with some unique customizations including 1 1/2″ drilled rims and tubeless Surly Nate tires, a combination which saves over one pound per wheel.  The bike has been ridden for five months and maintained by a professional mechanic.  The sale also includes a custom Porcelain Rocket framebag, Revelate Designs Gas Tank, Redline Monster pedals, and about 150 Grip Studs for winter riding.  The steerer tube is uncut to fit a variety of riders.  $1500 for the bike, studs, and framebag.

Contact me if interested.

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16 thoughts on “SOLD: Salsa Mukluk for sale

    • It would probably be prohibitively expensive, unless you want to meet in Frankfurt in late July. There is a cheap flight over the pole in summer, and it looks like we might be headed that way. Not sure how I would transport two bikes though.

  1. Hi Nicholas, I am not interested in your Mukluk but had a question about the grip studs. I have a pair of Nates that I studded up this winter but have been reluctant to take the studs out, then restud in the fall. I am worried doing this might compromise the integrity of the tire. Do you think this should be a concern or not? I appreciate your thoughts on this. Thank you!

    • Liz, I pulled my Grip Studs out the other day, expecting that I will be selling the bike (with the studs, but not installed). Some of the knobs look pretty haggard, while others look solid. I would probably try to use another pattern for installation next season, although I suspect the Grip Studs would hold in most of the same knobs if I really wanted. I also appreciated having a tubeless tire, so I can install the Grip studs without concern for punctures.

    • Derek, I am riding the Mukluk until it sells. I hope to sell it in the next few days. I have a Krampus frame on order, but will also be waiting for some other parts to finish the project. Most likely, I will be borrowing a bike for a few days.

  2. Hi Nicholas, a little off topic, but I am following your quest for the ultimate adventure/bikepack/all-round bike on foot. So now I read you are going for a ‘Nicholized’ Krampus. An awesome frame offc with infinite build possibilities. But my question, out of interest, is: Why the Krampus and not the ECR. The ECR has bottle mounts, a variety of drive-chain options (rohlof!) and stuff. So why go with the Krampus? And will there be a Bike-geek post about the build-up ;-).
    Love your blog!
    Matthijs (from the Netherlands)

    • Matthijs,

      The Krampus is a mountain bike, while the ECR is a touring bike with big tires. Each bike can do many of the same things, but has unique strengths.

      The Krampus promises to be a fun trail bike with modern from-end geometry. It is designed for the 120mm suspension fork I have been riding on the Mukluk. The ECR is suspension corrected for 80mm, and does not accept a tapered steerer. As well, the BB on the Krampus is 20mm higher than the ECR, which inspires more rough-stuff adventuring, to me. The low BB on the ECR is pleasant to ride on dirt roads and mellow trail, but gets in the way on rougher tracks and narrow singletrack. I think the Krampus will help inspire the kind of adventurous and technical riding I want to be doing. It will necessary pedal plenty of pavement and mellow tracks along the way, but I will not compromise the bike to that end– I must build the bike for the terrain that I desire to ride.

      Finally, once the suspension fork is installed, the only thing missing from the Krampus would be the bottle cage mount under the downtube. Technically, the frame will accept a Rohloff and a rack, although I don’t plan to use either. I’ll likely put a few extra holes in the bike when it arrives.


      • Nicholas,

        Thanks for answering so fast. Today I was at a LBS, one of the very very few Surly/Salsa dealers in the Netherlands to pick up my fargo. We discussed your choice (LBS is also a fan 🙂 ) and I saw both of the models IRL. And I now have a ‘mind-picture’ to accompany your choice :). I will follow your process on foot! Happy trails.

        • It helps to see them for sure. Riding each bike says even more. It is also important to note that I will not be using 29×3.0″ tires most of the time, but will optimize the ride towards 35mm rims and 2.4″ tires. The Krampus will serve to provide loads of tire clearance. On most standard 29″ frames, rear tires clearance in limited, and the front derailleur typically runs very close to the tire. I will also choose a crankset with a slightly wider chainline.

  3. I want to bikepack for 4 days in Alaska. It will be my first time in the state with a brand new Surly ECR. I’m thinking of flying either to Fairbanks or Anchorage. Which route would you recommend?

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