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More questions and answers, this time thanks to Josh Cohen of The Bicycle Story.  Curious to know about my next touring bike, where we will be riding later this summer, and how we started touring?  Check out the full interview entitled Nicholas Carman: Pedaling the World as a Gypsy by Trade.

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Photos: Lael Wilcox, Przemek Duszynski, and Nicholas Carman

14 thoughts on “Interview at The Bicycle Story

  1. Have you two considered working at McMurdo Station, Antarctica with the United States Antarctic Program for an austral summer season? I’m bringing my Pugsley down for the upcoming 2014-15 season. That was an excellent and informative interview. I look forward to following more of your travels.

    • Whoa, Antarctica!? I thought Anchorage had some cool commuting routes. I’ve never seriously considered it. I might prefer something a little more flexible, but I look forward to hearing about it. I’ve had a few friends go down there for work. I’ll be very interested to see what kind of riding you find.

    • Thanks Logan, We’ve been earnestly following your ride in Africa. Lael has been talking about Africa for years. Looks like plane tickets from Istanbul to SA are less than $400. Morocco and Spain for the winter? Lots of options, all of them exciting.

      • Lots of options! Eastern and southern Africa definitely require attention be paid to timing and the seasons, for sure. If I do it again, I’d start from Kenya in the month of November and work through Uganda, Rwanda, take the boat through western Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Namibia, then towards Cape Town. But I think you would absolutely love it. South Africa has a ridiculous amount of stellar riding options. We are thinking about going back and riding specifically in Namibia which I have heard is equally as rewarding, if timed right.

        Morocco is nice, but they are paving and reworking roads at a ridiculous rate. As warned by a mountain bike guide we met, who at the time was scouting new routes for an upcoming gig, “There are plenty of dirt roads here, but you can’t go by the maps. They might show them as pisté (dirt and gravel), but they are paving as we speak. You might find a great remote dirt route, then come back the next year only to discover that it’s been tarred. Good for the Moroccans, but bad for us.” We encountered several instances like this.

        We just did a chunk of the Transnevada route in Andalucia Spain. Awesome. A little behind on the blog, but I will post pics soon. Spain seems to have a great selection of the walking trails (probably similar to the ones you fondly speak of in the writings from your trip last summer) throughout that are cycleable.

        We got our flight to Africa from Washington D.C. to Cape Town for $500, on Virgin Atlantic who fly bikes free! ‘In Africa’ flights are always ridiculously expensive, so if you go that direction, be careful where you stop.

        I look forward to seeing what you guys decide!

        • Great info. South Africa sounds awesome, as do those classic African scenes you photographed in E. Africa. For now, we’re looking to take advantage of a cheap flight over the pole from AK to DE that operates during the summer. So, we may begin our travels by continuing in E. Europe. We may have up to a year of riding ahead of us.

  2. Hello mate,

    ah, this is bollocks, all this talk of travel, travel……makes me want to scream…!!!
    i’m so jealous and excited at the same time..…..ok… i’ve screamed and gotten it all out of my system….for now at least.
    i’ve been following your site, plus all the other travel monsters on the bike-web for some time.
    and the thing that gets me, always, is the ease of what you all are doing. the pure simple act of riding. it’s fab. it’s so, so inspiring, and the best bit is, it’s almost free…..!!!!
    light weight bike packing, bike adventure, seeing this world, could/should actually be a wonderful life lesson to include in all schools and colleges.
    using one’s imagination, it could help open another hole in the developing brain about not going down the “same old roads” of life and being game for adventure and a good life instead of a legal career, grand house, moneyed job, fast car, etc, etc. the change is there, even if the whole world is blissfully ignorant.
    and it is not just for you guys, youth on wheels that this lesson/influence/act shall show a viable alternative. oldies too shall benefit. we really are just kid’s with wrinkly skins on a big loop back to screaming and dirty underwear.
    also, man, you are really fortunate that you have a like minded, sweet travelling partner who is up for the whole adventure thing with absolute joy and glee. what more could anyone wish for other than spend time with another human being sharing an imagination, a joined reality, life as a pure form…..on a bicycle.
    yes, i know it’s not for everyone. no problem.
    for those who have clocked, are thinking of clocking it, or in the motion of clocking it…..bicycling bravi per tutti…….!!!!!!!
    Good luck for your forthcoming 2014 adventures, stay safe and keep writing.
    life is wonderful.
    Peter Mac.

    • Peter, You’re right. It has taken me a long time to realize, but the only people that do things like this are the ones that want to. What I mean, especially, is that neither money nor expertise on the topic of bicycles or anything else is strong enough to make it happen all on its own. All the people I meet out riding want to be there, doing what they are doing. Some of them have lots of money from fancy careers, and forced the time to come available in their lives; others have little money but find a way to make it work.

      Thanks for all the kind words.


  3. Nick,

    good on you man. thanks for the reply.
    i appreciate the fact that in this crazy world, there still exists the people with the desire, ability……the “human expressive need”…..which ever description that i can not find at this particular moment, that drives one to go out and contact other like minded people and places in the purely natural form… also actually make contact with one’s self…either by bicycle or otherwise.
    to logically “make your life around these acts” is so commendable. this is what i find so important.
    yes, money bares a relationship to all of us, from tit to death…..sad but, unavoidable. (so does divine guilt of being “born in sin”, but that’s a whole mother madness).
    although to repeat myself, the methodology of survival without the absolute need for greed..well, we are not encouraged to be shown this at all in our so called civilised world.
    i don’t think my body will cope with a big tour over several months, and i’d miss my wife, so i am having little jaunts instead. these are for me, a requirement for my sanity.
    keep safe mate and best wishes.
    life is wonderful.

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