Negev heart, Israel

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Some days in the Negev desert: resupply at kibbutz, riding sandy wadi and rocky trail, sleeping out under a waxing gibbous, a full moon, and not too distant artillery fire.  Thorny acacia trees are the bridge between South Africa and Israel, although shade is far less important in this northern winter.  We love the desert.  Halva, olives, persimmons, wine, pita, cucumbers, onion, hummus, and water.

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5 thoughts on “Negev heart, Israel

  1. Wow, another Wilber, if not quite a ‘u’ breed Wilbur like me… a rarity nonetheless..
    Badass and intrepid as always.
    Levantine food is truly exquisite. Almost more jealous of that than the superb desert.
    Did you ever consider the new-ish Ricoh GR? Thought it would be a better/smidgen more rugged/slimmer choice than the Fuji…
    Do you plan on going through Lebanon?
    Do remember a warning about how the surrounding countries don’t view Israeli stamps in passports… too sympathetically… shall we say… Hope you’re suitably stamped up on a separate entry card…

    • Seems everyone gets a separate card upon entry these days. Not sure about Lebanon, maybe Jordan. The plan is to enjoy all the great people and trail resources in this country, and take a cheap flight ($60) to Turkey when the weather warms. Since we would arrive in Istanbul, we could fly as soon as middle or end of March. Planning some time in Turkey, Armenia, Georgia. Might have to work after that.

      Thought about the Ricoh, but distribution is limited or non-existant in SA. Decision was based upon availability, and included the Fujifilm X100T and XT-1, Nikon Coolpix A, and the Sony RX100 (not seriously). I was seriously considering the Nikon, which is similar to the Ricoh. I had the chance to snag one for a reduced price from a Nikon employee, but was still more expensive than current sale prices in US/UK. The X100T was expensive, but I am really enjoying the viewfinder, among other manual-style features. I am a lot more careful with it than the Olympus cameras so far, which is probably a good habit for the future.

      We love the desert. Sometimes I forget how much.

    • Irene, We’re in Sde Boker right now, having been here once a few days ago. We made a loop out to Ezuz, south to Mizpe Ramon, east to Zofar/Sapir, and then back to Sde Boker. We love this area!

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