Tour Divide Update: Great Basin, WY

EClark 150614 6321

Lael pedaling the forests of northern Montana.  Check out the complete mid-race report at Mountain Flyer Magazine.  Photo by Eddie Clark.

Lael passed Atlantic City in the night, likely stopping in at the Miner’s Grubstake bar to fill up on water.  Perched at 7694ft, the town is named after a mineral vein found on the east side of the Continental Divide, in the massive North American drainage to the Atlantic Ocean.  She continued until exactly midnight and camped six miles past town at the edge of the windswept Great Basin.  The Basin is a curious feature along the Continental Divide where water drains to neither ocean, but is captured within a broad area across central Wyoming.  Most notably for Divide riders, the area infrequently receives any precipitation.  Passing west and south of the massive Wind River Range, Lael is now pushing across wide open space.  The next forests she will encounter are near Colorado.

I texted Lael yesterday saying “Go to the outdoor shop in pinedale. ask for josh. updated gps track. you are cruising!”  I expected a call verifying the upload, but instead I watched her roll out of Pinedale.  For me, this was all between tuning two Bike Friday tandems, selling a Rockhopper, and checking in crusty bikes for repair.  You wouldn’t believe some of the bikes that come through our back door. For her, this was the middle of another 183 mile day, her third day riding this exact distance.  The day before was her longest day at over 190 miles.  She spent two and a half hours in Pinedale.  She didn’t even turn on her phone until after she came out of the grocery store.  I feared she might blow through town.


8 thoughts on “Tour Divide Update: Great Basin, WY

  1. As always, great stuff, Nick. It’s terrific to see Lael doing so well, and apparently feeling much better. I couldn’t quite tell from your post if she got the new track or not. It’s difficult for me to comprehend the daily distances she’s traveling. Amazing!

    • New track is loaded, currently traveling toward Wamsutter, which is not on the official ACA route and is new this year. I knew she successfully loaded the track when she left without calling. As we say at the bike shop regarding repairs, “no call is good”.

  2. I’ve been a follower/lurker of your blog for a few years. Just wanted to chime in with how much I’m enjoying these Tour Divide updates. Your support for Lael is awesome! Hoping the best for you guys!

  3. Lael, you’re just a hammer! Great to see you on back on it!
    Love reading your joint ventures daily. And as you know, even a
    bad day in the saddle is better than a great day turning a wrench.
    Best wishes!

    • Turning wrenches has never competed with a day in the saddle. Thanks for the support. Glad to see Lael back in the smile zone, pushing 180 miles each of the last four days.

  4. Just now, Lael is hunting down a string of guys in front of her north of the Colorado border. She made quick work of the desolate stretch of The Great Basin, which is a good strategy as it can be a difficult place to be on a hot day. With so many fast riders and records at stake, this has been an exciting race to spectate. I’m wearing my Alaska cap in support.

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