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The lady’s legs in Del Norte, CO.  The Revelate Designs temporary tattoo had survived 2000 miles and 12 days, and remained on her left calf as she arrived at the Mexican border.  Photo by the legendary Tour Divide correspondant Eddie Clark

As the final riders of the Tour Divide 2015 arrive at the border at Antelope Wells, NM, the top finishers near two full weeks of recovery.  Some riders, like Jay Petervary and Alice Drobna are refocusing their bodies and bikes for the Colorado Trail race which begins on July 26.  Both riders are attempting to complete the Triple Crown of Bikepacking by finishing the three most prominent bikepacking racing in the country: the Arizona Trail Race (AZTR), the Tour Divide (TD), and the Colorado Trail Race (CTR).  Alice will be the first woman to complete all three in one season.  Along the way she set a new women’s record on the AZTR, finishing in 9:13:53; and a new singlespeed women’s record on the Tour Divide, finishing in 19:22:04, over two days faster than her 2014 finish in 22:06:36.  Jay is on track to set an overall Triple Crown record, calculated by adding the total time on all three routes.  Alice will set the bar high for other women.  The Triple Crown of Bikepacking must be completed in one season.  Bikepacking ultra-records are published and maintained by Scott Morris at 

Bethany Dunne, from Australia, finished the Tour Divide in 19:02:37, an hour faster than Eszter Horanyi’s record time from 2012.  Her husband Seb, who suffered a broken fork in Northern New Mexico, rejoined Beth along the route for the ride to the finish.  Seb sourced a carbon Niner fork with help from Andy Peirce, a Del Norte, CO framebuilder.

Over ninety riders who left Banff (or Antelope Wells) for the Grand Depart are expected to finish in under 30 days.  The sole tandem team of Billy Rice and his daughter Lina, comprising the self-named Team Rice Burner, are likely to finish tomorrow.  In recent days, seasonal monsoons have muddied many New Mexico roadways.  Lina’s video updates from the back seat of the tandem are priceless.  

In this past week, a flurry of media has surrounded the finishers of the Tour Divide.  Click the images below to link to lots of great reading.  Thanks to Eddie Clark at Mountain Flyer for his summaries of the Tour Divide 2015; Mitchell Clinton, a Silver City based freelance photographer; Aaron Gulley at Outside Online; Logan Watts and Virginia Krabill at Pedaling Nowhere; and Neil Beltchenko and Lindsey Arne at Bikepackers Magazine.  Eddie has followed the Tour Divide for years, traveling the west in his dusty red pick-up truck to capture riders along the route.  The other three articles are interviews with Lael.  Aaron’s interview, recorded live in person while Lael was in Santa Fe, is particularly candid.  The other two provide unique perspectives, exploring both racing and touring perspectives.  

The last two links are to local publications in Silver City, NM and Anchorage, AK.

Also, check out the stream of stories coming from Lael’s Globe of Adventure.

Mountain Flyer: Tour Divide Final Report (Eddie Clark)

Screen Shot 2015 07 09 at 10 21 53 AM


Outside Online: How Lael Wilcox Crushed the Tour Divide (Aaron Gulley)

Screen Shot 2015 07 09 at 9 57 41 AM


Pedaling Nowhere: Q&A with Lael Wilcox on the Tour Divide, Travel, and Life Off-Route (Virginia Krabill and Logan Watts)

Screen Shot 2015 07 09 at 9 57 16 AM


Bikepackers Magazine: Lael Wilcox–The Queen of the Tour Divide (Lindsey Arne and Neil Beltchenko)

Screen Shot 2015 07 09 at 10 24 35 AM


Silver City Daily Press: Un-Slowable: Meet the New Female Tour Divide Record Holder (Jennifer C. Olson)

Screen Shot 2015 07 09 at 12 12 36 PM


Anchorage Daily News/Alaska Dispatch News:  17 days and 2745 miles after starting, Anchorage cyclist sets record in Continental Divide race (Beth Bragg)

Screen Shot 2015 07 09 at 12 17 03 PM

8 thoughts on “Tour Divide Press #ladyshred #notimeforfinedining #isthatrealink #thatredtruckmustbeEddie #tourdivide2015

  1. Its very inspiring to see young people doing things that nobody else has ever done. The Tour Divide Race is the hardest bike race in the world, bar none, not even the TdF. I saw them bragging about 60K feet of climbing. Hah! Makes me want to put some fatties on my Surly Disc Trucker and start hitting the dirt. I went down to Catron County to my favorite campsite south of Pie Town and was fortunate to cheer on 12 of the riders from the middle pack. Even these guys were totally racing even though they knew the winners had been done for days. Awesome!

    Lael, don’t hang up your bike.

        • Yes, she is riding her Raleigh XXIX for everyday use. The Stumpjumper is reassembled, but hasn’t seen much use, largely because it isn’t the kind of bike your want to lock outside the store in Anchorage, and it still wears SPD pedals which are incompatible with the Vans she wears on the daily. The Stumpjumper might go for another big ride soon. Thereafter, we hope to sell it for travel money.

  2. Nick, Your girlfriend is a badass! Congrats to her! Hope you are well and let me know if you ever travel to Boise.

    Cheers, Stacey

  3. Yesterday I was riding up Tramway Blvd, and back down to the river at Alameda. There, I spoke to some amateur racers and mentioned the Tour Divide and the incredible times of the winners. One of the guys said something about the amazing woman who shredded the course! Lael, you are famous in certain circles. It just keeps on rolling on! Tomorrow I start a little six day tour of the Jemez, over to Bandalier, Espanola, Abiquiu Lake, and Cuba. It will test my old legs.

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