LW ITT Update: Ashton-Flagg Ranch Rd, ID/WY

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Tour Divide legend Jay Petervary drove up from Victor, ID to deposit a rental SPOT Trace device along the roadside for Lael.  Matthew Lee, Tour Divide organizer and Trackleaders affiliate, has a fleet of rental units and a few remained in Victor following the Fitz-Barn ride this week.  Collectively, Matthew and Jay have ridden the Divide twelve times. Photos: JayP.

Lael arrived in Lima late in the morning on Thursday, after the roads dried enough so that her wheels would at least spin through the frame.  The areas with sun were mostly dry, although shaded regions of the road were still caked in mud.  She resupplied at the store and washed in the bathroom.  Sunny skies and wide open gravel roads lay ahead of her as she exited the state of Montana for a second time this year.  Crossing the Continental Divide at Red Rock Pass into Idaho, she descended to a store just before close and proceeded onto a section of rail-trail which is famously sandy and corrugated.  Leaving the store, she rode one handed on the sandy trail and described how she almost quit yesterday.  

The weather stopped her progress entirely.  She faced a 24 hour gastric issue on the same day that forced her to stop every few minutes.  It was not her best day, and did not reflect the reasons which brought her back out on the Divide for a second time in one summer.  By the time she got to Idaho she had shifted her focus forward and was excited about the strawberries she had bought, her first fruit since Banff; the Cheetos she packed, reminding us of all the Nik-Naks sold in South Africa and Lesotho; and of the Monster Coffee energy drink she bought, which somehow signaled a commitment to continuing.  Although, she quipped, “I don’t want to eat anything ever again”.  These foods were just tokens.

This morning, Lael retrieved the plastic bag hanging from the sign of the Squirrel Creek Ranch containing a SPOT Trace tracking device and a few zip ties.  She cycled the power button several times, as Matthew prescribed, and continued riding into Wyoming.  The SPOT Trace is a newer device, mostly designed as an asset tracker for trucks, boats, and motorcycles, and is about half the size of the new Gen 3 trackers.  It functions as a full time tracker, without any customizable features and without an SOS button.

Great thanks to Matthew and Jay for collaborating to get another SPOT to Lael!  On his record-setting 2012 ITT of the Divide, Jay also lost his SPOT tracker and received a new unit in Lima, MT.

Follow the yellow LW bubble on the Tour Divide 2015 Trackleaders page.

Nicholas Carman1 4900

8 thoughts on “LW ITT Update: Ashton-Flagg Ranch Rd, ID/WY

  1. Ten day forecasts for New Mexico are for partly cloudy and little or no precip, highs in the low 90s and high 80s. That’s good news! Warn Lael to be sure and drink enough fluids and to pack enough to get through to the next watering place. Good to hear she is back on track and hopefully making up time.

    • James, Looks like the monsoons have broken, cooler temps now, some clouds, greatly diminished risk of rain and mud in southern CO and NM. Good news. Also looks like a few days of rain in CO will be missed as she crosses WY. With a dash of bad luck comes good fortune. She loves the heat and has overcome her fear of running out of water, and for these kind of adventures usually packs lightly. I used to pack liters and liters, most of which she would drink. In the last year, mostly due to time spent in South Africa and Israel, she has relaxed her consumption levels. I’ve never been too thirsty while riding. Still, she practices the old camel technique and pounds a liter or two in town.

    • Use the leaderboard function and sort by selecting the most recent checkpoint town she has visited (i.e. Butte, Lima) and you can see how she stands versus all of the riders this year, including JP and EH 2012 records. She way ahead of herself from this year, just behind JP 2012, and a bit further back from the lead 6 riders from this year. She lost about 9 hours in the mud before Lime, which disappointed her. After some more rain today, she should enjoy clear skies. I suspect she might start cruising soon.

      • Thank you (some body) for the UpDates! Super appreciate them! Lael when/if you get the chance to read these…KNOW THIS: You can. If you think you can. Easy to say. Hard to do.
        But when you add in this MAGIC ingredient called ‘Believing’ YOU surely, can do anything you put the mind to doing.
        Just keep believing Lael !
        Go! girl! GO ! I’m watching you every inch of your way; loosing much sleep. Weather is looking to be on your side as you go. Especially,the heat part. So GO GO GO GIRL! Give it your ALL! So sorry, to hear about the BAD mud area. YuKo! ON the divide…its true, ” Any THING ” can and does happen!
        Just remember about the hypothermia. k? High Five!
        Sorry, I missed your START in Banff ! 😉

        Jay , Josh, Neil, Dylan, Alex and Matthew are testimonies to this. Along with (back-in-the day) Kurt Refsnider, Craig Stappler, Jefe Brenham, Mary Collier, Blaine Nester, Cricket Butler, some really GREAT friends I’ve made over the years of the TDR! Too many to mention in one comment. I ASSURE, you’s!

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