LW ITT Update: Pinedale, WY


All images from Tents and teepees; the Great Divide Basin from my ride from Alaska to New Mexico, 2012.

Lael arrived at Flagg Ranch yesterday in pouring rain.  She continued through the afternoon over Togwotee Pass and up Union Pass, and mostly, the rain stayed away, returning as a series of showers through the night.  As she rode in the dark in the forests and meadows atop Union Pass, adjacent to the tall peaks of the Wind River Range, she was surrounded by lighting.  At about 2AM, she had descended off the pass and into the valley, and bivvied under a sign, which provided some additional protection from the weather.  She stopped in Pinedale to resupply at a real grocery store, and slammed a kombucha and a bottle of kefir on the spot.  Today she rides along the western edge of the Winds, around the south end of the range to South Pass City and Atlantic City, and into the wide open Great Basin.  She should be in Colorado tomorrow.

Lael describes a “career server’ at the Togwotee Mountain Lodge yesterday.  She walked in, browsed a tidy display of candy and chips, and asked the bartender if they had any quick food.  “How fast? 10 minutes, 15, 5, 2?” 

2 to 5?

French dip, pork sandwich, and quesadilla.

I’ll take the pork sandwich and the quesadilla.  And can you wrap that in foil?

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5 thoughts on “LW ITT Update: Pinedale, WY

  1. Following the LW bubble… I woke up last night and checked, she had stopped at last. I thought she was going to pull an all-nighter. Then later in the morning I saw that she was up and moving, and then stopped in Pinedale. I commend her for what is obviously an all out effort!

    Just a thought for security. It is absurdly easy to track the exact position of a rider using this tracker. Probably just fine during the day, and while moving. But maybe she should turn it off a few miles before stopping for the night? You guys will know best what it is like out there.

    Weather is NM is getting hot and drier. Should have no problems.

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