LW ITT Update: Brazos Ridge, NM

20111104 043015

Cruising through the Land of Enchantment, circa October 2011 on the Great Divide Route in El Rito, NM.  Lael was riding a Surly Long Haul Trucker at the time, recently converted from drop bars to an On-One Mary handlebar in Santa Fe at The Broken Spoke.  

Lael camped just short of the NM border yesterday, reaching up and over Indiana Pass from Del Norte as daylight faded, and descending to Platoro and beyond into the night.  She woke early this morning to begin riding up Cumbres Pass, then onto dirt and into NM.  We spent a winter living in Albuquerque and like everyone who has heard the jokes about the “Land of Entrapment”, we love New Mexico.  As the miles pile up, I know that Lael is reaching deeper and deeper to find the physical energy and motivation to continue.  Crossing into New Mexico is a homecoming, and also the begging of the end of this ride.  I watched her crawl up to Brazos Ridge this morning on Trackleaders, knowing the kind of chunky New Mexico roads she was riding, and knowing that she was still warming up for the day, in a sense.  But she has found her stride this morning as she descends from the second to last big mountain on the route.  The last big climb and the tallest total ascent on the route is south of Abiquiu en route to Cuba.

I leave tonight at midnight to arrive in Tucson on Friday morning and Silver City by Friday evening.  Lael should be passing through Silver City on Sunday, most likely.  Any ABQ or Santa Fe people want to visit Silver City for the weekend?  My friends Tim and Chloe are playing music in town on Saturday afternoon, I should have a bike to ride, and we can sleep outside.  John, Jeremy, Nancy, Cass, Rusty, Melissa, Wyatt?

 Follow the yellow LW bubble on the Tour Divide 2015 Trackleaders page.

12 thoughts on “LW ITT Update: Brazos Ridge, NM

  1. I love that Lael is doing this. By racing the Divide this year I missed out on the blue dot tracking fun. She’s doing awesome and it’s a blast following her dot and your reports.

    • …but at the pace she is setting this afternoon, she will be through Cuba in the morning. Wow! Lael is on track to take a day or more off her record! I am worried about the weather though. Chances for mostly isolated storms tonight through Saturday. Sunday looks quite stormy in the Gila, and into Sunday night in the Bootheel.

  2. Its a No-wonder,that the TDR changes people. Making THAT many new neuron connections to dig deep for such an Epic Ultra Personal challenge, that (to me) makes it more apparent why someone would get hooked to come back a 2nd time (up to 5 like Mat Lee/Jay P.)
    I am SO inspired by Lael (to no end) I must say.
    Thanks so much Nicholas for the updates. They really, keep me going!!! during my accident recovery.
    She CAN do this! I feel it!
    Honestly, really wish I could make it re: Silver City & A.W.

  3. Nick, it’s great that you are posting these updates to get more colour on Lael’s race. She’s going to smash her 6 week old record (!?!) and come close to the 2012 record of JayP – simply WOW.

    Just a note, as I know you’re heading to Silver City – from the race rules … http://tourdivide.org/the_rules : However, route-town locals only may interact with (i.e. visit briefly, cheer on) thru-racers as they pass through their locale. Out-of-town visitation to the GDMBR mid-race from challengers’ family or friends—even if only a ‘loosely-planned’, remote possibility for rider rendezvous—is prohibited.

    Please be careful with the above when she passes through Silver City.

    How much water does Lael carry? I presume she has a bladder in the frame bag in addition to the bottle, but she is racing so light without a handle bar bag or pockets in her t-shirt that I can’t work out how she camels up the water for NM.



    • Got it Dave.

      She’s got two bottles, one taped under the down tube and another attached to a King Cage top cap cage mount. She has a 3L Platypus bladder which she most likely only used in the basin and south of Wamsutter, although she may have stashed an extra liter in the bladder during other sections, not sure.

  4. Got a bit of video, Lael descending into Cuba, at 0930 MT. After introducing myself I told her to just ignore me. She said that she’d lost time, it was hard riding that road in the dark. I’ll try and get the video out, but I need an address.

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