Meriwether Cycles Bikepacker- RAL 3014

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The color is RAL 3014, borrowed from select Schwinn Mirada and Raleigh Seneca Mountain Tour frames from the mid 1980’s.  To a lesser extent, the flavor is taken from a series of Specialized Stumpjumper Team bikes in the mid ’80s, although those were more Barbie, and this bike is all coho and rose petal.  The color is most often called Antique Pink in RAL charts. 

The frame will receive a new bottom bracket, headset, and seatpost clamp, as well as decals and a head badge before shipment to Vegas.  The 120mm Rock Shox Pike fork has arrived in Alaska, along with endcaps to convert my Hope hub to 12x142mm thru-axle.  We plan to ride out of Vegas after Interbike.

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14 thoughts on “Meriwether Cycles Bikepacker- RAL 3014

  1. Terrific looking frame. After I looked up the RAL number from your last post, I was trying to put my finger on the 80s bikes of a similar color that peppered the college campus of my youth. When it was new, I had an ’89 GT Tequesta in a salmon pink with a smoky topcoat paint treatment. That salmon-y color is underappreciated, and underscores your strong historical interest in bikes of that era, though it would appear you’ve moved beyond their functional limitations.

    I enjoy all the thought you’ve put into the frame, and look forward to seeing where you’ll take it. It’d be great to see it with skinwall tires and a Hite-Rite. Maybe some 3D violet anodized skewers and a neon yellow Girvin Flex stem. I’m only partially kidding.

  2. When this is done are you parting ways with the Krampus? One of the things I admire most about you and Lael is your ability to not accumulate bikes/things.

    I love the color. Most of my bikes are blue or black but those are common Surly colors and over the past 6 years I’ve ridden mostly Surly stuff. I want to build up a VO Campeur so I’ll have something that’s not blue or black.

    • The Krampus will go to a friend here in Acnhorage, for free. Lael’s Surly LHT is in Flagstaff, AZ; her Cannondale Hooligan is in MN via Uruguay; my Raleigh XXIX is in Santa Fe, NM; my Surly Pugsley is in Boston, MA; my Schwinn High Sierra is in Tacoma, WA.

      I really enjoyed the Campeur, but why not a Camargue?

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