Bunyan Velo, Issue No. 6

Screen Shot 2016 05 02 at 5 57 43 AM

The sixth edition of Bunyan Velo is out now. Although this long-awaited issue comes from a period of hibernation for the popular magazine, it signals a commitment to continuing the high quality storytelling and imagery that define Bunyan Velo’s reputation.  Included are stories and photo essays by Skyler Des Roches, Cass Gilbert, Mark Sirek and Przemek Duszynski, Josh Spice, Logan Watts, Donnie Kolb, and many more.  Lael shares three stories in “Camels on Wheels” from her experience in the Holyland Challenge in Israel, her first bikepacking race, just months before the Tour Divide in 2015.  Read Bunyan Velo, Issue No. 6 for free online, purchase a PDF of the magazine for $5, or donate to support the future of the best bikepacking and bicycle travel publication on the planet.   

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Screen Shot 2016 05 02 at 5 54 21 AM

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6 thoughts on “Bunyan Velo, Issue No. 6

  1. Just reading my copy on my mobile when your post notification came through…great read as always. I’m sure with the rising popularity of bikepacking/dirt touring there’s a market for a quarterly print magazine along the same lines as Sidetracked magazine ..

    Thanks by the way for all the inspiration your blog and others like it provide, it’s reading blogs like yours that help spark the imaginations of ordinary joe’s like myself to get out there and seek a bit of adventure for ourselves!

  2. Thanks Nicholas, never heard of Bunyan Velo before and it looks amazing. It looks so purely dedicated to bikepacking – it looks exactly how a bikepacking magazine should be!! I bought a copy, can’t wait to read Lael’s stories in it! Hope you guys are doing awesome! 🙂

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