Trans Am Bike Race 2016 Update: Riggins, ID

Screen Shot 2016 06 07 at 9 30 19 AM

Evan, Lael, and Lee ascending the Whitebird climb away from the Salmon River in Idaho. 

The Trans Am Bike Race continues with high heat and low humidity, slowly climbing to elevation over each successive pass.  The top five racers— Sarah, Steffen, Lee, Lael, and Evan, in order— crossed the Snake River into Idaho yesterday and will cross into Montana today, immediately greeted by a the prolonged climb over Lolo Pass.  Lael reports feeling healthy from Riggins, ID,although daytime temps are still challenging for the pace and distance these riders are pushing.  She slept last night for two hours, started riding again, and quickly realized she needed another hour.  Thankfully her bivy is quickly accessed in her framebag.  Both Sarah and Steffen have taken a substantial lead, averaging now over fifty miles ahead of Evan, Lael, and Lee.  The race is long, and the nature of the terrain changes with time, as does the individual rider experience.  Lee’s pace seems to be slowing, while Evan and Lael remain consistent.  Steffen is pushing fast during the day, and sleeping longer an anyone else in the top field, stopping early and resuming again in the middle of the night.  Sarah Hammond continues to ride fast and far, and finally stopped for about three hours last night, her longest overnight rest.

In just over three full days of racing these tope riders have passed over 800 miles of the Trans Am Route.  The race should continue for about two more weeks.

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4 thoughts on “Trans Am Bike Race 2016 Update: Riggins, ID

  1. Thanks for the update Nick! I love the play by play!

    Be well,

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