Trans Am Bike Race 2016 Update: Togwotee Pass, WY

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Photo courtesy of Michael J. DeVitt via Facebook.  

Lael called this morning while climbing Togwotee Pass.  She battled a headwind early in the day on Thursday, heading south toward West Yellowstone, that slowed her pace to well under 10mph.  Evan came up from behind and suggested that that the two of them push a faster pace, just to get it done.  This helped, and eventually the winds died or the road turned.   The two rode near each other all day and agreed to ride together for some of the dark hours of the night toward a lodge or a hotel along the road on the pass.  Nighttime temperatures are cold in these mountains, and conditions will remain that way along the race route until riders drop out of the Rockies and onto the Great Plains, where hot and humid temperatures can be expected both day and night.

Lael rode 240 miles yesterday with some headwinds and substantial climbing, passing through Yellowstone NP.

Steffen and Sarah continue their dominance out front, Evan and Lael are steady and strong, and Kai follows close behind.

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The Tour Divide also started this morning in Banff, AB, CA with nearly 180 riders registered for tracking.  The field includes veterans Mike Hall, Seb Dunne, Josh Kato, and Joe Fox, among many other strong competitors.  The women’s field has narrowed this year, with only 12 female competitors, chasing each other and Lael’s route record.  Jackie Bernardi and Jan Bennett appear to be the women to watch.  The men’s race, and possibly the men’s record, is expected to be a very strong contest.  Follow the Tour Divide at

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