Trans Am Bike Race 2016 Update: Lander, WY

DSC 0011

Evan and Lael cruising the Trans Am together.  Riders are prohibited from drafting, so riding together isn’t exactly a strategy to shave time, but it gives you something to do when pedaling over 200 miles a day. Photos by Nathan Jones from the Trans Am Bike Race blog.

Lael called yesterday from Lander, WY.  She was in good spirits, although she mentioned that she felt woozy.  She had just consumed a bottle of chocolate milk, which relieves me to know that she is still taking the magic elixir of animal fat, protein, and high fructose corn syrup that is so widely common across this country.  She joked a few more times, “I feel woozy”, and for lack of anything else to report she repeated the phrase over and over— “I feel wooo-zy”— each time adjusting her inflection in the way that she and her sister always do when together.  They’ve done this for as long as I’ve known them, locating the nearest funny word in the conversation and repeating it until the whole thing explodes in giggles.

Lael and Evan have been riding together for several days, since the top of Lolo Pass.  This is a curious move considering Lael doesn’t like riding with anyone, and sometimes won’t even ride near me, choosing to trail behind instead to ensure her own mental space.  

Steffen and Sarah remain strong out front, Lael and Evan are trailing by about 100 miles, Kai rounds out the top five and the rest of the pack is over 100 miles behind him. 

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Below: Lael rides in the white helmet and grey t-shirt, Evan has a blue helmet and yellow jersey, and Sarah has a white helmet and purple jersey.

DSC 0005

DSC 0266 1

DSC 0034 1

DSC 0505

DSC 0540 1

DSC 0211 1

DSC 0469

DSC 0083

Head over to the Trans Am Bike Race blog for daily photo updates from race organizer Nathan Jones.

6 thoughts on “Trans Am Bike Race 2016 Update: Lander, WY

  1. Perhaps Lael’s move to ride with Evan is out of survival. This could be the hardest ride of her life, and she may be feeling like she is in a battle. It’s human nature to bond with those who are going through the same thing that you are. It makes your suffering to be a it easier.

  2. This is exciting! It is about 9:45 pm on the 11th. Lael has just passed SH who is apparently taking a nap in a motel in Walden, CO. Lael stopped at a grocery to resupply, ED is still with her, and they just moved into 2nd and 3rd overall. How long will they push on tonight? Or are they also going to ground in Walden? Watch to find out!

    • Looks like they are going to nap awhile. SH has been there, a block away, for 4 hours. LW and ED are just going down. How long until SH gets going? How long will our girl rest? Check back tomorrow to find out?

  3. I am glued to the map thrilling at Lael’s progress. I won’t relax my vigil until she gets up and over Hoosier Pass dry and before dark. The side down into South Park can be very mean. The Blue and Spruce Creek have been my protector for 55 years so I admit to some prejudice.

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