Arizona to Baja to Alaska to Trans-Am: From the tropics to the arctic and everything therein

Alex warms fingers while pedaling over Cache Mountain Divide in the White Mountains Recreation Area north of Fairbanks, AK this spring.  After riding with us in Baja for two months, he joined us for several weeks of winter riding in … Continue reading

Bunyan Velo

For restless vagabonds on two wheels who explore endlessly; for racers who race without promise of prizes or money, assured only adventure and challenge; for advocates of bicycles and community who ride every day, and live and breath by bike; … Continue reading

Dreams of Cortez: San Ignacio to Loreto

“the phosphorescence exploded in response to our every movement like great flashes of diffused lightning. entranced and electrified by the alluring phenomena, our witching hour began – running in circles, kicking, splashing and howling like great coyotes of the sea. … Continue reading