Into the Mountains on the 1000 Miles Adventure, Czechia

Abe climbs a trail out of Špindlerův Mlýn, CZ crossing signed DH bike trails and chairlifts which won’t move for another couple months until the snow falls. Following my first week on the 1000 Miles Adventure route where I traced … Continue reading

A Week on the 1000 Miles Adventure, Czechia

In 2016, the Czech government released a more palatable English language name for their country, replacing the cumbersome [the] “Czech Republic” with Czechia. Modern sources such as Google Maps and The US Department of State now prefer the name Czechia. … Continue reading

Flagstaff to Picketpost on the Arizona Trail

The is Part II of a three part series about our tour of the Arizona Trail.  In essence, this section is really two parts: the singletrack ride from Flagstaff to Pine, and the wilderness detour from Payson to the Picketpost … Continue reading