Activity in the city– to the hills

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New Year’s Day.  Ride to the hills, 15 miles uphill.  Hike, run, bike.  Back to Old Town by 4PM for work.  Another 15 or so, downhill.  New Years’s Day in Albuquerque.


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Lael needs to run, only twenty minutes to spare.  No running shoes, no running clothes.

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Drop bars, touring tires, trails.

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Running shoes?  Running clothes?  Any bike, anywhere.  Any shoe, anywhere.

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Down hill.  Hometown.  Albuquerque.

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Carbondale, and the road ahead

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I’ve got a friend in Carbondale.  That’s enough of a reason to go out of my way.  Jane and I don’t really know each other all that well, but our paths crossed last summer as we were both running away from home on bikes.  Even adults run away from home sometimes.  She rolled into Whitefish, MT at 10PM.  Stopped at a traffic light in town, I pounced.  “Bike tour?”  Yup.  “Cool.  Need a place to stay?”  

I had met some friendly locals with a roof only hours before, and I wasn’t going to leave a cyclist in the dark.  Come with me.    

Neither of us had planned on fighting tourists alone, so we hatched a plan to ride through Glacier National Park and spent three days riding together.  Then we parted ways.  We talk and write occasionally, and she calls me Glacier Buddy.  It’s possible Jane has forgotten my real name.

Lael and I spent several days in Carbondale exploring local trails and planning for the road ahead.  Above, some riding above Carbondale as snow falls on Mt. Sopris.  It’s that time of year and it’s time to make a move.  New Mexico is calling, so Utah and Arizona will have to wait.  At our exploratory pace, it’s too much for one season.  Instead, we’ve got our eyes set on Santa Fe next week to meet up with Cass and Joe for a few days of riding in the hills.  After that?  Maybe a quick trip to Pie Town, then Albuquerque for the winter.

Riding the Red Hill and Mushroom Rock trails as snow falls in the mountains.


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Bike paths everywhere.



Riding to Penny Hot Springs.





Leaving town, near Redstone, CO.


And on to Marble.  From Marble, we’re headed over Schofield Pass to Crested Butte to visit the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame and Museum.


Note: All plans subject to change.  You probably already knew that.