Traces of, chasing fall


Great Divide maps in New Mexico give no shortage of reminders that wet adobe roads may become impassible, and impossible. A few clouds in the forecast, and on the horizon, give me something to ride from, and thus, an uncommon sense of purpose. As the jagged peaks of Colorado subside into less gargantuan New Mexican topography, the Great Divide Route nears and follows the actual continental watershed divide, and the CDT hiking trail more closely than before. Where cresting the divide in Colorado is strenuous and momentous, in NM it is not uncommon to dance across that line several times in an hour.

Sunny skies out of Albuquerque, all the way through Grants; on a clear day in New Mexico, I grow wings. On a windswept, cloudy day, with tempests (and Pie Town) on the horizon, I burn lentils like jet fuel.

I have shed my posse: Lael to Alaska, Cass and Nancy to Baja, and Greg, who is likely on a beach somewhere in the Virgin Islands. With that and a few days left of the season, I give my legs one more go before I relent for the winter. Just a few days to Pie Town, then on to Silver City before the GD route ends, and the great paved lanscape unfurls toward the Pacific coast.