Crosstown traffic

20120105-134343.jpg20120105-134412.jpg20120105-144818.jpgHouse sitting for three weeks; a load of clothing for two people, a computer, some books, and tools allowed me to dust off my panniers and pack them full. I rarely require additional capacity beyond my Carradice saddlebag, but it’s nice to have the option. I rode the Chester Creek Trail, across Westchester Lagoon to the Coastal Trail, and a brief singletrack section “home” through Earthquake Park. I strapped one pannier tightly to the rack, and left the other to it’s own devices, literally. I recall what a bother it is to feel panniers jostling about behind me, and to listen to them rattling. Basic nylon gear straps– my favorites are the ones from REI– are the best solution.

Two inches of fresh snow over hardpack is great riding. Five miles across town, I only saw two skiiers and a biker– no traffic.

Playing with the Photosynth app for iPod/iPhone, stitching together photos to capture broad vistas which can then be edited to traditional panoramas.20120105-134759.jpg20120105-144253.jpg20120105-144426.jpg20120105-144513.jpg20120105-144528.jpg20120105-144638.jpg20120105-144724.jpg20120105-144742.jpg20120105-144809.jpg20120105-151013.jpg