Wyoming, for a minute


Wyoming comes into view. Jackson and the National Parks are an easy introduction to the Cowboy State, but the ride toward the interior brings the obvious into focus– this is a big state with few people, some cows, and vast dry grassy expanses. And some of the most scenic mountains anywhere (Tetons, Wind River Ranges).

Fast forward: Ron picked us up outside of Pinedale, and with a few phone calls had secured a ride to Colorado. Cole drives 14 hours at least four days a week to Denver, transporting drilling equipment used in the natural gas fields. Cole is a real cowboy-turned truck driver by the gas boom. We swapped stories; he lost an ear to a bronco.

And then we were surrounded by collegians and tree-lined boulevards; Fort Collins looks more like the midwest than the sagebrush uplands of Wyoming, except for the Rockies loomimg to the west.