New Mexico Postcards

Joe has been detailing our five day loop out of Santa Fe in a series of posts on his blog, Pedaling in Place.  He is an expert at doing more with less, in both his writing and his riding.  He is also the foremost expert on doing more with more, given his fatbiking adventures though South America on a Surly Pugsley.


I still have about two dozen postcards left if anyone missed the first few rounds.  If you expected a colorful handwritten note but did not receive it, let the mistake be corrected.  Send your name and address to for a splash of color in your mailbox.

If you have an itch to send something in the mail, consider sending a postcard to someone that will appreciate it.  On the Rivendell blog, Grant suggests that readers send postcards to a customer with a terminal illness.  Better than flowers and Get Well Soon cards, he recommends simply drawing a bicycle in the text box.  I sent mine last week.





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