Rivet Nutting

WPBlog001 564

Identify hole location, mark with sharp tool.  Hammer and punch to create impression.  Drill holes with small bit, patience and cutting oil.  Drill hole to size with larger bit.  Install threaded rivet nut with the “Brute” Rivet Nutter tool.

WPBlog001 574

WPBlog001 573

WPBlog001 572

I selected to install three rivets in such a manner that allows a standard water bottle cage,  a Salsa Anything Cage, or a Topeak Modula XL cage.  Specifically, the Salsa Anything Cage must be located above the chainrings.  The 64 oz. Klean Kanteen that I hope to use is too wide to clear the chainrings, but is narrower than the crank arms.

The standard H2O cage uses the lower two holes.

WPBlog001 569

The Salsa Anything cages uses all three holes.

WPBlog001 570

The Topeak Modula XL cage uses the upper two holes.

WPBlog001 571

At the rear, I drilled into each seatstay to install a butchered Nitto mini-rack to be used as a Carradice saddlebag support.

WPBlog001 568

The seatstay bridge had a small drain hole, which I enlarged and tapped for an M5 bolt.

WPBlog001 566

WPBlog001 565

I have a habit of drilling holes in new bikes.  I installed water bottle mounts to my Surly Pugsley last spring.  And, I drilled the seatstay bridge on my VO Campeur to accept a VO Pass Hunter rack..