LW ITT Update: Boreas Pass, CO

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Touring in Israel this spring, unknowingly training for the Tour Divide, and a late-summer solo ITT.  It all happens so fast.

Despite an hour at Orange Peel Cycles yesterday, and lingering rain in northern Colorado, Lael appears to have had a great day yesterday.  She was riding fast, excited that the end is in sight, although still over 1000 miles away.  By the time you read this, she will have crossed under the 1000-miles-to-go mark, which leaves the highest pass on the route, some of the most technical riding, a lot of pavement, and most likely, one final sleepless night to the border.  In short, the final 1000 miles will happen fast.

Lael called in while pedaling the paved bike path between Silvethorne, Frisco, and Breckenridge.  She sounded good and was happy to report that she got to ride the Lynx Pass, Radium, and Kremmling sections in the daylight.  Although, she reminded me that riding in the dark is much better this time with the new Fenix LD22 which arrived the day before she left Banff, and the reason she pushed back her start date by one day.  While it only claims 100 lumens in “high” mode, (over 200 in the short-lived turbo setting), it provides more than enough light for slow speed ascents and technical sections when the dynamo powered lamp dims.  Elsewhere on good roads at high speed, she can ride with only the Supernova E3 Triple.  For those that are looking into dynamo lighting options, the Supernova E3 Triple. the Exposure Revo, and lights from K-Lite are highly recommended.  For complete charging and lighting systems, no fuss, contact Kerry at K-Lite.  I’ve never used his stuff, but while fixing a flat on a Redline BMX bike yesterday I fielded a phone call from a customer, cradling the receiver between my shoulder and my ear, inquiring about dynamo lighting and charging systems.  The only really good answer I could give him was to order a complete system from K-Lite.  That is, unless you like researching, building, and experimenting.  

The Exposure Revo is also a great light with the brightest standlight of the three options.  The Supernova E3 series is very well made and adequately bright, and is widely available through several channels in the USA.

Lael camped at the base of Boreas Pass last night, bedding down about 1:30AM, and rising to begin riding at 5 AM.  She was over the 3000ft pass and descending on the Gold Dust Trail before I was awake for the morning.  She will arrive in Salida this afternoon and will be over Marshall Pass early this evening.  She told me yesterday that she really loves the series of passes between Salida and Del Norte– Marshall, Cochetopa, and Carnero, now her fourth time riding these passes in the last few years.  Then Del Norte, Horca, Abiqui, Cuba, Grants, Pie Town, Silver City…it all happens so fast.

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