Bunyan Velo, Issue No. 2

BV 02 Release1

Bunyan Velo, the celebrated grassroots e-magazine by and for real cyclists has returned with a second issue.  This free publication features compositions of words and images from Cass Gilbert, Casey Greene, Joe Cruz, Alex Dunn, Daniel Malloy, Glenn Charles, and Erik Jensen, among others.  This is the healthiest scoop of adventure cycling in any one place, ever!

Lucas Winzenburg, the editor-in-chief and creator of Bunyan Velo has worked hard to compile the efforts of over a dozen riders and writers.  Individually, they each lead busy lives as professors, engineers, velojournalists, fishermen, and cartographers, while Lucas is a full-time student.  This issue includes no more than three advertisements, each as visually stunning as the features, and only from companies with a sense of adventure.  Consider a donation to Bunyan Velo to ensure a healthy and ad-lite future, or purchase a digital copy to enjoy offline.  I just donated $10 towards Issue #3.  Tell your friends! 

BV 02 Release2

Top image: Cass Gilbert; Bottom: Glenn Charles