List: Bikepacking bags and makers

Nicholas-Carman1-3213.jpg Updated 10/6/2015.  Please send additions or corrections via the “Contact me!” page, or in the comments below.  The essence of this listing is to highlight local bag makers around the world although the list will grow to include custom, non-custom handmade, and factory made bikepacking luggage.  Get out there!  

Revelate Designs; Eric Parsons (Anchorage, AK)

Oveja Negra Threadworks; Lane Condell and Monty Wilson (Leadville, CO)

Bedrock Bags and Packs: Andrew Wracher (Durango, CO)

Bolder Bikepacking Gear; Greg Wheelwright (Boulder, CO)

Wanderlust Gear; Paul Hansberger (Missoula, MT)

Randi Jo Fabrications; Randi Jo and Eric (Cottage Grove, OR)

Porcelain Rocket; Scott Felter (Calgary, AB, Canada)

Hamilton Threadworks; Sarah Hamilton (Victor, Idaho)

Cleaveland Mountaineering; Jeremy Cleaveland (Grand Junction, CO)

Rock Geist; Winston-Salem, NC

Apidura; (UK)

Alpkit; (UK)

BURGFYR; Sven (Hamburg, Germany)

Miss Grape; (Italy)

WIldcat Gear; Beth Barrington (Brecon, Wales)

Crater Packs; Rich Shoup (Telluride, CO)

Defiant Pack; (Carbondale, CO)

Alpine Luddites; (Ouray, CO)

Phantom Pack Systems: Tim O’Brien (Canada)

J Paks; Joe Tonsager (Denver, CO)

Becker Sewing and Design; (Fairbanks, AK)

Nuclear Sunrise Stitchworks; (El Paso, TX)

Barking Bear Bagworks; (Michigan)

Lone Mountain Innovations; Torin Browning, (Rathdrum, ID)

Rogue Panda; (Flagstaff, AZ)

Switchback Bike Bags; (Colorado)

Bike Bag Dude; (AU)

Bikepack; (Poland)

Inuvik Studio; (Spain)

InPackStudio: (Israel)

Spok Werks; (EU)

Bike-BAG; (UK)

Shift Bikepacking; (Switzerland)

Parsley Bags; (Germany)

Stealth Bags; (New Zealand) Nicholas-Carman1-3660.jpg 1124WP Original text from 2012, the listing above is updated regularly: The list of lightweight bag makers is growing.  Inspired by their own lightweight bicycle travels and the growing bikepacking and endurance racing scene, these craftsman are making ultralight bags for rack-lite or rackless touring.  Lael recently picked up an Oveja Negra front accessory bag called the “Lunch Box” at SubCulture Cyclery in Salida, CO.  The bag is made locally in Leadville by a promising upstart comprised of a seamstress with a riding habit and a rider with a sewing itch. Constructed of the now standard Dimension-Polyant VX-series sailcloth, the bag holds a paperback Gogol novel as well as a windbreaker and small personal items for easy access during the day.  Made in Durango, the Bedrock “Chinle compression panel” pictured below was spotted on the Colorado Trail.  As every town should have a brewer and baker, a framebuilder and a bag maker would also populate my ideal town. 8479WP 8482WP 6605WP Nicholas-Carman1-2965.jpg

7 thoughts on “List: Bikepacking bags and makers

  1. Hey Nicolas! Knowing your fetish for canvas bike bags, I thought you might like to add Frost River to your list: + . Tough stuff — with a long tradition on canoe waters — and Made in the USA (Duluth MN)! Waxed canvas, leather, rivets and brass buckles and D-rings…what’s not to like? Search Google (Images) using the terms Frost River Bags Cycling for some enticing pics of canvas-geared bikepacking rigs.

    • Wayne, Thanks for sharing.

      I like waxed canvas and I love the Carradice Camper. I do like the Frost River bags and other similar canvas bags from the north country, but I have to admit that most of their bicycle products don’t seem to improve upon anything, except to cater to those with canvas fetishes (of which I am not one). I think their modern style seatpack could work, but not with the leather straps and hardware as shown. I’d consider it with durable nylon webbing and plastic or metal sliders. I’ve replaced much of the leather straps on my Carradice with nylon over time.

      So, I haven’t discounted waxed canvas, but the design of the bag is essential to bikepacking synergy, no matter the material. At the moment, Eric Parsons is my zenmaster and is solving my luggage needs, including waterproofing and unusual volumetric needs.

      • Eric Parsons at Revelate Designs was responsible for a large chunk of my storage needs including Tangle frame bag, gas tank, feedbags and front harness with large pocket so I certainly am not going to argue with your zenmaster assessment. 🙂

        I haven’t completely given up the old ways, however, and marry the svelte bikepacking gear with mini-panniers (Arkel Dry-Lites) and an Arkel Tailrider on a Tubus Logo rear rack somewhat like Russ has shown at The Path Less Pedaled: . Hybrid set ups work for some of us!

  2. It looks like Scott at Porcelain Rocket is also now churning out mini-panniers (with separate waterproof liners for them as well): (see comments section for reasons for using) + + . The best part about the new PR micro/mini-panniers? There isn’t the usual 12 week wait for them (at least at the time of writing)!

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