A few inches




Almost a foot. I’m getting the Pugsley tuned to my liking, realizing how much a bike with a glossy purple exterior can hide neglect in pitted cones and rusty steerer tube. Never the matter; elbow grease and some red marine bearing grease’ll get things moving right. Only a new bottom bracket will cost more than a few dollars. For now, it runs.

A revelation: the Endomorph tire gives much better traction in soft snow when mounted in reverse. It can also be difficult to seat the bead, either due to manufacturing tolerances or more likely, a “stretched” bead from using tire levers. The bead wormed it’s way away from the rim while riding, exposing the tube; due to low pressure, thankfully, the tube did not puncture.20111228-235224.jpg20111228-235302.jpg20111228-235340.jpg20111228-235353.jpg





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