Kit list: Clothing



EMS Deluge; Gore-Tex Paclite shell, w/pit zips

Salomon XA Pro 3D Mid 2 GTX; Gore-Tex mid-height shoes

Walz cycling cap

reflective yellow cycling vest

Giro Xar helmet

cheap sunglasses




Patagonia Capilene #2 long sleeve overshirt, 1/4 length zip

Smartwool long sleeve; crew neck base layer

MEC merino wool sleeveless shirt

(2) assorted cotton t-shirts; namely Pie Town and Velo Orange designs

EMS nylon shorts; liner removed, with pockets




Ibex Zephyr; wool long underwear, midweight

(2) underwear, quick drying synthetic

(3-4) socks; wool or wool blend, various brands, weights and heights



The backwoods laundromat– priceless.



Cold and wet season gear, added incrementally as season or climate requires:

EMS Ascent Series packable down jacket

Patagonia wool hat, lightweight

Ragwool gloves

Marmot rain pants

OR Crocodile Gore-Tex gaiters

MEC Cloudraker; lightweight waterproof mitten liners

fleece neckwarmer


Even with all these layers, a summer ride with (almost) no layers is nice.  On the bike– no shorts, no shoes, no service!


Photo credits: Lael Wilcox

6 thoughts on “Kit list: Clothing

  1. Cheap sunglasses is of course the key component!
    I’ve lost/broken so many sunglasses over the years, I don’t want to buy “nice” ones. Found (for free) a pair of folding Ray Ban Wayfarers. Lost it on a trip. 😦

    • No more than $20 for sunglasses, ever. I’ve had six pairs in just over a year. Recently, I’ve found a nice pair at Whole Foods (that were not obviously made in China, although they were unmarked). Target has some nice non-Wayfarers.

      I always go for the classic Wayfarer style, however.

      • Wayfarer is the way to go, or if I can find them, the “horn-rimmed” style.
        April needs “grandma” sunglasses to wrap around her eyeglasses. Don’t mention the time she left the sunglasses near the top of Loup Loup Pass, on the Okanogan National Forest sign, nope. Of course she didn’t realize she left them behind until after the descent. (If anyone finds them, please send them to her.)

  2. I am so envious of your laundering facility! Wish I had something so beautiful! Priceless it is and precious! Loved the bike/horse picture!

  3. Just noticed the TAK AMERICA! Did I read that right? or is that tax? With the right inflection it takes you back to your roots!!

    • Actually, the fender is an election sign from Alaska that said Take America Back!. The installation covered the “e”, so now it says TAK AMERICA BACK. It’s some kind of cryptic UkrainAmerican political statement– “Tak (yes), America back?”.

      Lael took the picture of me with the cowboys just north of Del Norte, CO. They were herding the cattle in for the season and for a while we were all riding in the same direction, so we were herding cattle too!.

      These were my laundering facilities for weeks at a time. I was clean, but not hot shower sterile. Such is the beauty of summer touring.

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