Where the neighborhood ends


This is out my backdoor.  A gentle ascent across town on a mix of bike lanes and dedicated bike paths leads to a dirt trail alongside a concrete drainage channel, and through a break in a fence.  This is called Open Space and it abuts some of the nicer neighborhoods in town.  Less than a mile from the pavement, a wire fence designates the Sandia Mountain Wilderness.  Lael and I left home after dark with sleeping bags and pads, three beers, an avocado and a tomato.  We picked up three burritos on the way.  Lael brought her new pillow, a luxury she now cannot live without.  The pillow is encased in a T-shirt.  We rode singletrack by headlight for less than 20 minutes, and slept under the orange glow of the city.  In the morning, we made a circuit of the Foothill Trails and returned home by drainage ditch, bike path and Whole Foods.  I live in Albuquerque.










Tubeless fatbike set-up, coming soon.


2 thoughts on “Where the neighborhood ends

  1. Nice! Is that the picnic table we rode by on the south Foothills trail? I predict by next spring you two will know the area pretty darn well. Coming down the flood ditch is fun! And quick too.

    • Good eye. We had hoped to ride some more to one of the little hilltops along the trail, but this table presented itself as a good option. In the morning, we rode north until the trail ended, and then turned back south as we ant last weekend, We followed just about to 1-40 and back into town. We already need to find a new place to ride.

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