Bikes and Builders– NAHBS 2013

WPBlog001 413

Rick Hunter poses with the superlongfatbike for Scott Felter.

Real people are behind the handmade things at NAHBS.  These people are artists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and cyclists, all at the same time.


Sean Walling / Soulcraft Bikes

WPBlog001 380


James Bleakely / Black Sheep Bikes

WPBlog001 388


Scott Felter / Porcelain Rocket

WPBlog001 392


Todd Robison / Twenty2 Cycles

WPBlog001 383


Dave Kelley / Vibe Cycles

WPBlog001 391


Rick Hunter / Hunter Cycles

WPBlog001 378


Bruce Gordon / Bruce Gordon Cycles

WPBlog001 395


Andy Peirce / AMPeirce Cycles

WPBlog001 398


Dave Wages / Ellis Cycles

WPBlog001 402


Felix Fried / Shed 6

WPBlog001 405


Josh Culbertson / Avery County Cycles

WPBlog001 408


Renold Yip / Yipsan Bicycles

WPBlog001 412


John Littleford / Littleford Bicycles

WPBlog001 411


Aaron Stinner / Stinner Frameworks

WPBlog001 409


Eric Fischer / Inside Line Equipment

WPBlog001 414


Koushou Kinugawa / Helavna Cycles

WPBlog001 406


Steve Potts / Steve Potts Bicycles

WPBlog001 387


Ron Andrews / King Cage

WPBlog001 389

4 thoughts on “Bikes and Builders– NAHBS 2013

  1. King Cage Ron repaired Alyssa’s Ti frame last year for a couple bucks and some AK salmon, and there is a check for my mom from Bruce Gordon sitting in my garage right now because she paid for shipping twice on a birthday present (tires) she bought for me.
    I love the small world connections of bike geeks.

    • Ron and Bruce are two of the more interesting characters pictured here. Bruce tried to sell me a pair of his tires, as he did with everyone else that walked through the door at the small BG/Herse/DiNucci/Nobilette event.

    • Thanks Andy! It’s my first camera, and I’ve been happy to learn with it. I still see a lot of room for improvement and am confident that I have a long way before I outgrow this camera. Not bad for less than $500.

      Actually, I found a source for the exact camera and lens I have– the Olympus E-PM1– for $299 ( I would highly recommend this model, for the price. The camera body will accept other lenses in the Micro Four-Thirds family, which allows some significant customization.


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