Photos for sale, this weekend only!

Nicholas Carman1 241

Edit: As there has been so much interest in the “Bikepacking Europe” photo series, I have extended the sale to Tuesday morning, 8AM Alaska time.  Thanks to everyone that has shown interest!  

The photo collection from The Art of Bikepacking is available for sale.  Individual 4×6″ prints with white border are available for $10, 3 for $25, 15 for $100.  Most of the photos have been featured on the blog, and were printed locally in Anchorage, AK.  Each photo will be mailed in an envelope with a brief handwritten note from myself and Lael.  International addresses, add $1.

The numbered series of photos were displayed on a fish net sourced from a local commercial fishing supply store.  Two hundred wooden clothespins held the whole thing together, weaving a wave of memories from the North Sea to the Black Sea.

Here’s the catch: I’m leaving town on Tuesday for Vienna and an extended period of travel.  I choose which photos are sent.  If you have any strong interest in one subject area (Crimea, Belgium, food, bikes, trail facilities, cities, nature), leave a note with your payment  and I will do my best to comply.  Consider it a small donation to the blog and our upcoming trip. The best photos go in the mailbox first, so hurry up.  The last chance to donate and receive a unique print is Tuesday, July 22 at 8AM .  After that, I’ll have both feet out the door.

There are a few of you that will receive a photo in the mail, gratis.  Andy, Shawn, Willet, event sponsors, our parents, and a few others need not apply– it’s in the mail.  Also, there are three people who did not receive postcards back in 2012, and were promised.  Iain, I think you were one of them?  E-mail me with a current address.

Nicholas Carman1 238

Nicholas Carman1 239

Nicholas Carman1 237

Nicholas Carman1 240

Nicholas Carman1 198

Nicholas Carman1 203

Nicholas Carman1 242

3 thoughts on “Photos for sale, this weekend only!

  1. Hey Nicholas and Lael, it was nice to get a mention in your email. My address is Iain Banfield 531 Heslesville/KooWeeRup Rd Heslesville Victoria 3777 Australia I am going to send you $25 towards your blog also cos I really enjoy seeing pics of your adventures and hearing what you are up to. Safe travels and fine weather. Regards iain

    And happy birthday to Lael also here’s a virtual loaf for her again.

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Pleased to bung $15 your way in the hope a photo makes it all the way to the North of Scotland: I have been enjoying your superb adventures for some wee time. Good luck for your next exploit. Norman

  3. I’m honored to be on the gratis list. Looks like you had a great exhibition and shared a lot of experiences. Best of luck as you set off on another adventure.

    We don’t look to be on your exit itinerary, but next time you and Lael find yourselves in our vicinity, you’re welcome as always.

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